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Important Lung Cancer Myths Everyone Should Know

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer people suffer from worldwide. It is a disease that starts when cells in the lungs begin to grow out of control. Although it may sound frightening, there are some fascinating aspects to this disease.

For one, lung cancer is incredibly complex. There are two main types of lung cancer: non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer, and within those types, there are multiple subtypes. Each subtype has unique characteristics and requires a different treatment approach.Hence finding the best Lung cancer Treatment can be possible with right help and information.

Another interesting fact about lung cancer is that it is often caused by external factors such as smoking or exposure to environmental pollutants. This means that lung cancer is largely preventable if people make the right choices and take the necessary precautions. Despite being one of the most common cancers in the world, researchers are making tremendous progress in understanding and treating lung cancer. There are new therapies and treatments being developed all the time, and survival rates are improving as a result.

Moreover, lung cancer reminds us of the incredible resilience of the human body. Even when faced with a disease as serious as lung cancer, the body has the ability to fight back and heal itself with the help of medical professionals and cutting-edge treatments.

However, healthy individuals, as well as people battling the disease, often fall prey to common myths revolving around lung cancer. It is important to be aware of these assumptions and debunk them, preventing people from having a myriad of misconceptions.

Here are some of the most common lung cancer myths everyone should know:

Lung Cancer Is Exclusive To Smokers

The connection between lung cancer and smoking is pretty strong. However, this doesn’t make it a smokers’ disease. While tobacco smoking is the most common cause leading to lung cancer, it is not exclusive.

It is important to note that almost 10% to 20% of lung cancer cases involve non-smokers. Looking at the number of people battling lung cancer every year, this is a significantly big number. If you are not a smoker, it doesn’t automatically make you immune to lung cancer. In fact, the number of people developing lung cancer without any history of tobacco smoking is increasing over time.

A few common lung cancer causes apart from smoking include exposure to radon, secondhand tobacco smoke, air pollution, and workplace carcinogens and toxins like asbestos. Especially in the case of secondhand smoke, the chances of developing lung cancer in a non-smoker increase by 20% - 30%.

It Is Too Late For A Smoker To Be Safe From Lung Cancer

Another common myth revolving around the disease is that if you have already started smoking, there is no going back and avoiding lung cancer. More than a myth, this is an excuse used by smokers to continue smoking cigarettes!

If you are a smoker, please note that it is never too late to quit smoking and avoid diseases like lung cancer. Your body has the ability to detoxify your lungs and reverse the damage caused by cigarette smoke if you quit smoking. Research in the field proves that quitting smoking for 10 years reduces your risk of lung cancer by almost 50% that of an individual who continues smoking.

This proves that you can always quit smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid lung cancer. Even if you have already been diagnosed with lung cancer, quitting tobacco improves your recovery and eases the side effects associated with lung cancer treatment.

Lung Cancer Is A Male Disease

While lung cancer cases are more common in males than in females, it is not predominantly a male disease. In fact, a greater percentage of women developing lung cancer have no history of smoking.

Healthcare professionals are working on finding out how genetic factors affect the cause and spread of lung cancer. Until then, it is important to debunk the myth of the disease being exclusive to men.

Lung Cancer Only Develops In Older People

Another highly common lung cancer myth is that it only develops in older patients, usually above the age of 60. People generally believe this because the average age of cancer patients is 73. However, this does not mean that the cancer cannot develop in younger patients.

The average age of cancer patients is reducing over time. A lot of young adults with and without a smoking habit have suffered from lung cancer. Never make the mistake of using this myth as an excuse to continue tobacco smoking at a younger age without the fear of facing life-threatening implications.

Lung Cancer Screenings Lead To Lung Cancer

This is a common conspiracy theory that prevents people from getting themselves screened for cancer. While CT lung screenings do expose patients to radiation, the exposure is 1/4th of the dose involved in a regular CT scan. On average, an individual is naturally exposed to around 2 mSv of radiation. However, a low-dose CT lung screening exposes you to half of this dose, i.e., 1.5 mSv.

Doctors around the world have claimed that instead of causing lung cancer, low-dose screenings help them diagnose them, saving the lives of their patients. All oncologists take special care in the amount of radiation each patient is exposed to, ensuring their complete well-being.

All Lung Cancer Treatments Are The Same

The last myth on the list deals with the assumption that all lung cancer treatments are the same. As the severity of cancer, medical history, family history, and lifestyle of every patient is different, lung cancer treatment of every patient is different.

Depending on these factors and the diagnostic tests performed, doctors recommend the most suitable lung cancer treatment procedures, such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

The Final Word

These were some of the most common lung cancer myths everyone should be aware of. While lung cancer is a serious disease, it can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle. Knowing such details about the disease helps you tackle it more tactfully and rationally.

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