Healthy Lungs Lead To A Healthy Life: Here’s How You Should Protect Them

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Healthy Lungs Lead To A Healthy Life: Here’s How You Should Protect Them

It is ironic how healthy breathing is the most important yet overlooked aspect of our lives. One understands the importance of a healthy respiratory system only after one encounters serious health issues. Lungs are the primary organs that are responsible for a healthy respiratory system. They ensure healthy breathing and, essentially, keep us alive!

It is safe to say that healthy lungs lead to a healthy life. Keeping your lungs healthy before the need for medical assistance arises will help you live a long and happy life. Once you go through the blog, you will realize how simple it is to keep your lungs healthy. Yet, we fail to do so and fall traps to impulses that lead to unwanted circumstances. One can also find the best lung cancer specialist in new delhi to overcome your lung cancer. 

Here are some of the most important ways in which you can protect your lungs and lead a healthy life:

Focus On Diaphragmatic Breathing

A simple breathing technique can improve your lungs’ health to a great extent. All you need to do is focus on diaphragmatic breathing, which involves being aware of the diaphragmatic muscle in your body, the muscle separating your lungs from your abdomen.

As you breathe in, focus on your lower diaphragm. This results in a full and deep inhale, which is always healthy for the lungs. Diaphragmatic breathing is also a breathing technique that singers use to improve their lung capacity and sing better.

Focus On Deep Breathing

This is an even simpler technique than diaphragmatic breathing. Here, you need to be aware of the air you breathe in and out. Deep breathing has several physical and mental benefits. The closer you get to your lungs’ full capacity, the healthier your lungs will be.

While inhaling, expand your belly and focus on lowering your diaphragm. Expand your ribs and let them float in the air you breathe in. Once you exhale, let all the air out from your lungs and make your chest fall, contracting your ribs back to where they were.

Along with keeping your lungs healthy, deep conscious breathing also helps you reduce anxiety and tackle fearful situations.

Be Aware Of Your Posture

We are rarely aware of our postures throughout the day, and this has a significant impact on our respiratory systems. Your posture determines the amount of air that goes in and out of your lungs. It is always advisable to sit up straight and tall to breathe to your lungs’ full capacity. Sit on a stable chair and steer away from slouching on the couch for too long.

Stay Hydrated

Not many people know that staying hydrated has a positive effect on your lungs. Just like the rest of your body, your lungs benefit from drinking plenty of water every day.

Staying hydrated keeps the mucosal linings of your lungs thin and healthy. Thinner mucosal linings help your lungs function better and let you breathe better.

Laugh To Your Heart’s Content!

Laughing is certainly the best medicine if you want to keep your lungs healthy! Doctors have always suggested that laughing heartily puts your abdominal muscles to work and increases your lung capacity. Moreover, laughing forces the stale air out of your lungs and lets fresh air in, making you feel better and happier after a good session!

Exercise Regularly

Along with keeping your bones and muscles strong, exercising regularly is beneficial for your lungs as well. Moderately intense physical activities are great for your lungs, heart, and your overall physical and mental health. Doctors advise indulging in at least 20 minutes of moderately intense physical activities, such as brisk walking, bike riding, jogging, playing a sport, etc.

Stay Away From Smoking

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t been warned about the dangers of smoking by PSA ads and videos floating around the internet and TV. Cigarettes are your lungs’ biggest enemies, and make sure you steer clear of them if you want your lungs to be stronger.

Smoking tobacco increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. It also narrows the air passages within your body, making breathing difficult. Excessive smoking leads to health complications such as inflammation, lung swelling, chronic bronchitis, and much more. Over time, cigarettes damage your lung tissue, making you vulnerable to cancer. Before it is too late, do not indulge in smoking tobacco in any form to keep your lungs healthy.

Avoid Exposure To Indoor Pollutants

Make sure you stay away from indoor pollutants that end up damaging your lungs. Harmful chemicals at home or your workplace, second-hand smoke, radon, and other pollutants can have the same impact as smoking tobacco directly.

Whether you are home or at work, keep your surroundings clean and free from toxic chemicals that hamper your lungs’ health if inhaled. When the air is bad, avoid exercising outdoors, as you breathe faster and deeper while exercising. If you face difficulties breathing or are exposed to potentially harmful pollutants, consult a trusted healthcare provider, even if you do not experience any symptoms.

Prevent Infections Of All Kinds

Infections in your thoracic region can have an adverse impact on your lungs. Even issues as common as a cold should be taken seriously and prevented from getting serious.

Following small and simple measures help you prevent infections and lead a healthy life. For example, wash your hands with liquid soap and water to keep germs off your hands. Avoid visiting crowded spaces during the season of flu or cold. Moreover, maintaining good oral hygiene is important to protect your lungs from issues that magnify in no time.

As trivial as they may seem, these measures prevent serious health complications and lead you toward a healthy life.

The Final Word

Healthy lungs definitely lead to a healthy life. These were some of the most important ways in which you can keep your lungs safe and protected. From simple breathing techniques to household remedies, it doesn’t take much to care for your lungs.

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